Architectural Designer

2+ years of experience

Jack recently graduated from the University of Limerick with an honors degree in Architecture. Throughout his professional journey, he has primarily focused on residential projects along the West
coast of Ireland.

Starting as an intern at Diarmuid Keane & Associates, Jack progressed to a graduate architect role. Before that, he worked as a CAD Technician at D-Foran Design, refining his technical skills.

Venturing beyond Ireland, Jack gained international experience working with IRL Construction in Vancouver, Canada. There, he contributed to various projects involving timber frame and concrete structures, broadening his professional expertise.

Jack’s proficiency extends to model making, where he has previously operated laser cutters and CNC machining equipment. This hands-on experience allowed him to bring design concepts to life with precision. These experiences have inspired Jack’s decision to relocate to New York City to pursue his architectural passions further.