Project Architect

4+ years of experience

David Romeral Gómez, a holder of both a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Architecture from the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, has developed a professional acumen grounded in a substantial technical foundation augmented by an artistic flair. During his time at a Barcelona architectural firm, David contributed to several projects in collaboration with the Pritzker Prize-winning RCR Arquitectes, demonstrating his ability to work on high-profile designs and contribute to meaningful architectural solutions.

In Champaign, IL, David not only expanded his skill set at the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign but also gained practical experience working at a local architectural firm. This experience reinforced his appreciation for the collaborative ethos of American architectural practices. His subsequent experience with specialized facade and structural engineering firms endowed him with meticulous attention to detail, vital for the precise execution of sophisticated designs.

Licensed in Spain, and with over four years of diverse architectural experience, David approaches every team effort with a spirit of cooperation, keen to apply his technical knowledge and his skills as an illustration artist to augment the team’s creative potential. His commitment to collective accomplishment marks him as an invaluable asset to any architectural endeavor.